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They are talking about your brand - are you listening?

Catch trends or shitstorms before they happen, and protect your brand on social media. Real-time social media insights keep you updated with relevant conversations, mentions and hashtags.

We believe that communication changes the world

Communication can overthrow governments, decide elections and create iconic brands. With the right timing and appropriate communication, companies can win market shares, manifest brands, increase revenue, and minimize risks.

Hard to keep track

But, in a world of 347,222 tweets per minute, 18,000 hour of video content every hour, and over 18,050 Danish articles a day, it has never been more difficult for a company to get an overview; and at the same time it’s never been so easy to track and measure the wrong things.

With relevant insight into the effect of communication, companies can make the right strategic decisions about their communication – and change their world one message at a time.

Strategic partner

Infomedia is the strategic partner, providing insight and advice to strengthen our client’s strategic efforts across different business areas, markets, and national borders.

Edward Snowden

With the unveiling of the US secret mass surveillance Edward Snowden checkmated large areas of political USA.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the world’s most iconic communicators and is still quoted for his strong messages.


#metoo began with a single woman, a hashtag and a tweet. Then it took over the international agenda.

Donald Trump

You can say a lot about Trump, but he has taken the most powerful political office – and his communication got him there.

Red Bull

Red Bull basically sells cans. But their brand is much more than that. Red Bull is a sport, it is adventure, music and world records – their product is secondary.

Barack Obama

Few people knew Obama when he first ran for president. Through clear communication revolving around the slogan ”Yes, we can”, Obama changed the game in the fight for the most powerfull political seat.


Through clear communciation, Tesla has created a unique position in the world market. They don’t talk about cars – but energy and sustainability. De use their cause as a catalyst for driving a larger agenda than cars.

Oprah Winfrey

There are thousands of talk-show hosts globally – but Oprah is iconic. She’s managed to use her communication platform to build a business empire; and her brand is so strong that she is mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in the USA.


#dieselgate has been one of the biggest business scandals in recent memory. Of course the scandal was founded in actual cheating, but the communication based shitstorm targeting the brand reached unheard levels.

Efficient social media management with Hootsuite Enterprise

Hootsuite is a platform that enables you to collect your entire effort on social media in a tailor-made dashboard.

Plan and publish

From hootsuite, you can plan and publish content to your profiles and sites, monitor conversations and selected subjects and answer commentaries and direct messages.

Integrate with your app stack

Hootsuite makes social media to an integral part of your bussines with 150+ integrations and apps.

Analyses and advice that creates results

Together, we tailor analyses and give advice based on your needs – always with the effect in mind, enabling you to work efficiently, make the right decisions and create results.

Prioritize your work

Our media analyses create structure and give you the opportunity to monitor the effect of your strategic efforts and prioritise your work in the best possible way.

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